Tuesday, 28 May 2013

EV-R-Y-ONE Has a blog....so I figured I should too.

My home life as an underpaid single mother is hectic and stressful - So my guilty indulgence is reading blogs when I REALLY should be working/doing housework/grocery shopping/yard work etc. (don't tell anyone).

Among my favorites are funny Mom blogs like this one, yummy food blogs like this one, and my latest guilty pleasure are skin care & beauty blogs like this one (Caroline Hirons really is a skin-care genius).

And who doesn't love clothes?  I'm bordering on plus size (I have most of my life) and am just loving all the great fashion that is out there right now.

I mean really, with such good reading material at the tips of my fingers, how does anyone get any work done?

So I started this blog more of a journal really - to talk about my life and my loves.  I hope you follow along for the ride!

Avi x

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